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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Hidden Jewelry Organizing on a Budget

I’m not a girl who typically wears much jewelry. On a good day, you’ll probably see me rocking my wedding ring, possibly a watch (if you’re lucky), & that’s about it. But on a few rare occasions, I have been known to rock a statement necklace or two… not at the same time though. Why am I telling you this? I promise this is going somewhere.

Because I don’t wear much jewelry, I don’t really have a need for a fabulous organizer like Casey’s. Although hers is dripping in fanciness and does make me want to bedazzle myself from head-to-toe… I just don’t have a need (or room) for an organizer like hers. However, that doesn’t mean I still don't need an organized home for my few beloved gems. 
My necklaces used to be a tangled up mess on the bottom of my make-up bag, but now that I've invested a whopping $6 + tax on my new hidden organizing system, I haven’t been victim to that headache in a while.
Now, the 6 or 7 statement necklaces secretly live on the side of my tiny closet without getting tangled or taking up much space. I invested in these 3 octopus-looking hooks from Home Depot for a whopping two bucks each and used the nails that they come with to hang them on the side of my closet. These magical hooks hold my jewelry collection out of sight (and sometimes out of mind…oops). The whole project probably took about 7 minutes to complete start to finish. 
Although I only have three hooks right now, there is no reason that I couldn't easily add a few hooks if I acquire some new statement jewels in my future. In the meantime, these three hooks are the best six bucks I've ever spent!
 How do you organize your jewelry?!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Happy Birthday Casey!

Q: Guess what today is?! 
A: If you guessed Casey’s birthday… you’re right! 
My favorite blogging best friend is blowing out the candles today, and may I add, for the last time as a single lady. #cheerstothat
As you all probably figured out by now, Casey is one talented, motivated & hard-working 20-somethin’ lady. But for those of you who may not know, Casey is also the main reason the DIY Playbook was born.  Yea, yea… technically we are 50% owners of DIY Playbook, LLC & always try hard to split up the work 50/50, but Casey is hands-down the reason we are where we are today. Don’t believe me?

Q: Who cooked up the idea of starting a DIY blog anyway?
A: Casey

Q: Who spent a whole summer convincing me to jump on board & follow through with this crazy idea?
A: Casey

Q: Who spearheaded all of our coding & HTML mysteries to actually make our behind the scenes ideas a reality in the form of a LIVE BLOG?!
A: Yup, Casey again

Q: Who is always motivating me to work harder, be better, and achieve the unthinkable regardless of other’s expectations?
A:  That’s Casey

Q: Do you see a pattern here?
A: Casey, the answer is Casey!

To symbolize how much Casey motivates me to be BETTER, work HARDER, and NEVER give up, I decided to give her this charming birthday gift.
Alright, I guess it’s not as self-explanatory as I thought. Allow me to explain…

When Casey & I started DIY Playbook, Casey dove right in and bought a DSLR camera (aka a super nice camera) and taught herself how to use it. Are you surprised?! #Imnot
She was dedicated to learning how to shoot manually and bring our blog’s photos to the next level. All the while her Playbook Partner (aka ME) was s.l.a.c.k.i.n.g. I had no fancy camera, no knowledge of photography and a whole lot of excuses why I couldn’t get into “real” blog photography just yet. While Casey was honing her photog skills, I was weighing down the team and started to dread taking blog pics with my dinosaur of a camera.

Q: Guess what Casey did during this time?
A: Encouraged me, supported me, and accepted that I wasn’t ready to make the plunge.
Fast forward a year… I am proud to say that I now own a DSLR camera (woo-woo), I am learning to shoot in manual (keyword: learning) & am no longer weighing down this partnership (well, at least not in the photography department). And the most important update- the new camera has introduced me to my LOVE for taking pictures. A task I used to dread is now possibly one of my favorite parts of this blog journey. Who would have guessed?

Q: Guess who I owe this new passion to?
A: Casey…. AGAIN!
To me, this photography strap is so much more than just a cute strap for her fancy camera. It’s that too, but so much more. This colorful strap is also a symbol of how much she has done for me as a friend, business partner and, most importantly, as a person. Like I said before, Casey is hands-down one of the most hardworking, motivated & dedicated people I know. She will put her all into her work and not come up for air until she has reached her goal (Finn, am I right?). At that point, she will sleep, drink some coffee, & get up the next day to work even harder- repeating this over & over again until…. Well, we haven’t gotten there yet. I’ll let you know when she stops…
To say that she pushes me to work hard, be better, and challenge myself to learn new things just by her example is quite the understatement. I hope this simple gift is a constant reminder to her of how much she inspires me and all of those around her.
Cheers to Casey and a year of great things ahead of her! You better believe that I’ll be by your side, camera in hand, ready to capture these priceless moments…
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